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Love Bonez serves us nothing but LOVE

Since our arrival in the Lake Charles Louisiana area we have visited some amazing food spots. One would argue that this is one of the best food locations in the world. There hasn't been a bad meal since we arrived. Accept that Little Caesars fiasco. But we can forget about that because we are talking about real food. We drove an hour up to Eunice Louisiana today to meet Ms Tonya from Love Bonez which is located just outside the Lafayette area. She was very warm and inviting and messaged us right back online. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with the type of hug you don't even get from family members. We have been on the road for so long and it's been very nice to receive as much love as we have. Today made me feel right at home. Ms Tonya served us some breaded pork chops on a bed of rice with ground beef. Very savory and the rice and chop complimented each other very nicely. The heart of the meal was built around the mac n cheese. That however disappeared immediately off my plate. I wish I could take down food like I use too. Ms Tonya brought us out a philly

cheesesteak & hater burger topped with fried jalapenos, onion straws and krinkle fries. Now although I am not a fish guy. I did however try some fried fish. I give it a 5 out of 5 if I was a fish lover. The cajun sauce that comes with it is also good for dipping your onion straws or fries in. Don't be shy at this place. You either go big or go home. If you visit this place do not leave without ordering laura loaf. It's a version of bread pudding but fried and topped with icing. I could go on and on bout how amazing this place is. This God loving woman cooks her ass off. Her story and energy are infectious. We are going to remember this place as one of our top visits. 5 out of 5

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