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Heaven on earth called Pursell Farms

Imagine 3200 acres of heaven carved out of the galaxies and placed in Sylacuaga Alabama. Rich with family and golf business history this farm has been around for over a hundred years. Most of the farms life span has been dedicated to building a high tech fertilizer. How do you take a product nobody knows about and turn it into one of the biggest golf products the industry has ever seen? Easy. The formula is fly out 10,000 superintendents including the top 100 in the country and bring them to this 3200 acre facility and show them first hand on the course what their products can do. At one point in time there were over 26 different styles of turf on the course. Allowing for all kinds of research and demonstrations. BASF & Toro also joined this formula giving not only superintendents the best chemicals and products to use but also the best equipment. In just 3 short years Pursell Farms sold the fertilizer company for more money in one transaction than they previously made in over a 100 year period. This place has flourished into not only a golf destination but a place where corporate hunting and skeet shooting take place. A section carved out for special weddings straight out of a movie for a low price of $65,000. From acre to acre this place we has more amenities from golf, hunting, fishing, weddings, hiking to just relaxation than any other place we have visted thus far. Throw in the Alabama hospitality and there's no reason to leave this place. If you are playing the RTJ Trail anytime soon. I highly suggest you add this into your schedule. Stay and play packages are now available. Rounds in the peak season can reach up to over $200-$250.

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