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  • For players with low to medium club head speed
  • Extremely tough and cut-resistant soft-core
  • 368 dimple design
  • Longer roll and softer feel
  • 2 piece ball

From the manufacturer

Durable Surlyn Cover

Maximum Cut Resistance and Control

The thin DuPont Surlyn cover is extremely tough and cut-resistant, offering high durability. The Vice Drive features a 312 large dimple pattern which reduces air resistance and results in a more stable trajectory for the golf ball.

Low Compression Energy Speed Core

More Distance for Every Golfer

The size maximized Energy Speed Core ensures higher ball speed and lower driver spin for more carry and total distance off the tee at medium and low swing speeds.

Player Profile Advanced players with high swing speeds (110+ mph driver swing speed) Advanced players with medium to high swing speeds (95 - 110 mph driver swing speeds) Advanced players with medium to low swing speeds (< 95 mph driver swing speed) Designed for amateur players of all swing speeds Engineered for all swing speeds Players with low to medium swing speeds
Construction 4 Piece 3 Piece 3 Piece 3 Piece 3 Piece 2 Piece
Major Benefits Extremely long off the tee and ideal balance between low driver spin and high wedge spin Extremely high wedge spin and long distance off the tee Extremely soft feel and long distance off the tee Gives max control and feel on the greens Long distance off the tee and low driver spin Greater carry- and total distance off the tee than predecessor model
Cast Urethane Cover
Surlyn Cover

Our Story

Vice Golf started on 12.12.12 with one mission: To shake up the golf market and make the game accessible for everyone. The aim was to make golf balls that were just as good as anything else on the greens, but sell them for an affordable price.

From humble beginnings in Munich, Vice Golf has grown from an initial idea created by two guys on the banks of the Eisbach, to go on and sell to the world, changing the face of golf for good.

Before long, the Vice Golf name had become a mainstay on courses across Europe and we expanded our product catalog to include course-essential accessories. A move into the US market brought about new opportunities and our product range grew even further.

But we’re not done yet. With Vice Golf, you never know what’s on the horizon. Always be on the lookout for new Vice Golf releases you’ll be filling your bag with in the future!

Vice Drive Golf Balls (Package May Vary)

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