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Here at 517Golf in Mid Michigan and across the country our mission is to elevate the world of golf by creating unforgettable experiences that seamlessly blends the beauty of the sport with the excitement of cannabis and sports.  We work extremely hard to bring fans an experience of a lifetime whether it be a charity event or our famous cannabis outings.  Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our collaborations with iconic figures like John Daly, Tommy Chong, Afroman and sports college athletes such as Michigan football players Blake Corum, Zak Zinter, Cornelius Johnson to West Virginia Quarterback Nicco Marchiol.  

The path has been paved and now it's time to take our experiences to another level.  Stay tuned for the announcements of our 2024 pro am tournament schedule.


Upcoming Events


April 19th PXG Range Party at Back 9 Indy in Indianapolis IN

April 20th Jeeter Infused Dinner Party at Hills Golf Course -500 Case Rd, Brooklyn MI (SOLD OUT)

April 27th Red Flag Golfer meet up at Rolling Hills in Phoenix AZ

May 5th Gorilla Glue 4 Man Scramble at Hills Golf Course - 500 Case Rd, Brooklyn MI 

Book 517Golf at your outing

Looking for extra entertainment for your golf outing?  Hire real personalities that are trained to entertain at the golf course.  Check out the following services and we look forward to coming to your golf outing in 2024


Heckle Hole

The 517Golf heckle hole is a unique twist on the traditional golf outing, designed to inject a hearty dose of humor and camaraderie.  This hole allows our golf influencers to give your patrons an experience they will never forget.  What sets it a part is the interaction you don't every truly see at any outings.  Allowing the golfers to showcase their sense of humor and game.  Turning your golf outing into a memorable experience is our number one goal.  As golfers tee off and navigate their shots, the influencers unleash a barrage of witty and playful banter, creating an atmosphere of laughter.  It's a delightful experience that transforms the often-serious game of golf into a day filled with unforgettable moments and shared laughter


$1,000 Hole In One Challenge

Our Hole in One challenge has been going to outings for the last 4 years.  We have raised over $50,000 for over 100 various charities.  Book our hole in one challenge today for absolutely free of charge.  We send a rep out to your outing that will work a Par 3 150-180 yards.  We get all of your golfers registered for our 2025 Masters drawing.  We donate 30% of what we make back to the event.  Please call 517-315-5113 if you would like more information to book our hole in one challenge or email


Vegas Hole

Book our golf personality black jack dealer.  Raising extra money for your cause and giving your golfers a black jack experience they will never forget.  Golfers love a chance to have an advantage off the tee.  Beat the dealer and move up a set of tees.  Book our black jack dealer today for free.  

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